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R-DEC Co.,Ltd.
R-DEC (Japan) Products
Distributed in Europe Exclusively by SURFACE

R-DEC 30 keV RHEED Gun

Key Features

  • 0…30 keV electron energy
  • 0…160 μA beam current
  • 90 μm (max.) beam diameter
  • Remote control for HV, filament, focus/deflection lens
  • Designed for easy maintenance (filament replacement, beam alignment)

RHEED – An Essential Method to Monitor Thin Film Growth

RDA-003G RHEED gun
RDA-003G RHEED gun
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RHEED (reflective high energy electron diffraction) is a powerful tool to monitor the deposition of thin films. An electron beam hits the substrate/film at a very small angle to the surface, so the electrons don't penetrate deep into the material. Diffraction takes place in the top few atomic layers of the sample, so the resulting diffraction pattern contains information about the film surface. RHEED works well in UHV processes like MBE (molecular beam epitaxy), where the chamber/process gas pressure is low – typically below 10−6 Torr (if you are interested in a solution for higher process pressures, check our high pressure RHEED system).

RHEED is a real-time method, allowing to monitor the deposition of single atomic layers. The diffraction pattern contains information about the in-plane lattice spacing of the sample surface, but also about the surface quality. Patterns for perfectly crystalline and flat surfaces consist in diffraction spots arranged on circles, for typical high quality films the spots transform into elongated streaks, and if the surface becomes rough (but still crystalline) the streaks fall apart into a series of spots to form a transmission-like pattern.

For applications where the electron beam current normally applied in RHEED systems is inacceptable due to sample damage, e.g. in organic thin film growth, refer to our PICO-RHEED system.

The R-DEC RHEED Electron Gun and Power Supply

RDA-004P power supply
RDA-004P power supply
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The R-DEC electron gun and power supply – distributed in Europe exclusively by SURFACE – is optimized for RHEED appications. It offers a wide energy range and a narrow beam diameter. The RHEED gun is designed for easy operation and perfectly suited for research:

  • Remote control box with both an accelerating voltage and emission current meter, for convenient adjustment of the diffraction image and safe and efficient control of all operational parameters of the system
  • Designed for easy maintenance, including filament replacement and beam alignment
  • No minor adjustments required from run-to-run
  • Minimized outgassing from electron gun body by surface treatment
  • External control connector for high voltage, filament, and XYZ lens
  • Remote gun control plug-in for the popular k-Space kSA 400 RHEED analysis package available


30 keV Electron Gun

Model number:RDA-003G
Beam spot size:90 μm diameter max.
Filament:Ø0.1 mm Tungsten wire, hairpin-shaped
Focus lens:Air core solenoid coil lens
Deflection lens:Toroidal coil lens
Axial alignment mechanism:Alignment for filament and Wehnelt
Insulation voltage:30 kV DC
Working pressure:<10−4 Pa to 10−9 Pa (7.5·10−7 Torr to 7.5·10−12 Torr)
Bakeout temperature:max. 200°C
Mounting flange:ICF70 (CF DN35 / 2¾")
Dimensions:100 mm Ø × 401 mm long (501 mm long with connector)

30 kV Power Supply

Model number:RDA-004P
Acceleration voltage:0…−30 kV constant voltage supply, ripple 0.03% max.
Beam current:0…160 μA
Filament voltage:0…5 V constant voltage supply, ripple 0.05% max.
Filament current:2 A max.
Deflection lens supply:0…1 A constant current supply (±1 V), ripple 0.05% max.
Focus lens supply:0…1.5 A constant current supply (0…22 V), ripple 0.05% max.
Input voltage:200…240 V AC
Dimensions (W×H×D):480×199×500 mm3 (depth +100 mm with cable connected), 19" rack mount
Safety features:High voltage interlock

For more information, visit the R-DEC Co., Ltd. (Japan) product page.

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