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New: Market launch of our sm@rt 500 nanoindenter system. Small in design - big in performance.
SURFACE nanometrology News Ticker:
New: Micro controller controlled Humidity Controller for material science investigations
New: 200 mm automated vacuum chuck for the G200 nanoindenter allows measurement of the entire wafer surface under constant measurement conditions (frame stiffness)
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New: Battery Workstation delivered to Cambridge University , GB. It combines three different physical coating processes with a glove box: PLD, sputtering, thermal evaporation and all on a single standard workstation system frame
New: Insitu- Beamline PLD System installed at Karlsruhe KIT allows unique thin film investigations in the synchrotron beam

Laser Star UHV Cluster System

Laser Star
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  • Modular concept: Easy addition of modules
  • Heavy-duty manipulator
  • Low 10−10 mbar scale base pressure
  • Optional internal vacuum storage for samples
  • Camera system for convenient transfer monitoring
  • Turn-key delivery
  • Advanced online support via internet
  • Easy later upgrade from Laser MBE system to Laser Star cluster tool

The Laser Star Cluster Tool – A Flexible Multi Chamber UHV System for Advanced Materials Science

The Laser Star system is able to combine different coating and analytical technologies into one powerful system. Up to seven individual process chambers can be attached to a central transfer module, enabling complex processing in UHV conditions without venting the sample!

The fully UHV compatible Laser Star system grows with your needs. The heart of the system is the central transfer module and a load-lock chamber. Additional deposition, analysis, and specialized transfer modules are easily added to the system. Due to the modular design of the system (each module comes on a separate stand with wheels), this is a fast and easy process.

The whole system is designed to save space and yet provide excellent accessibility: All vacuum chambers are free standing, giving easy access to all flanges and components.

The Central Transfer Chamber

Transfer module

The central transfer and handling chamber is the heart of a cluster system and highly flexible to adapt to different process modules. It is mounted on a solid steel frame and has docking flanges for six or eight additional chambers. It also includes the bake out heater components for the system, including a 12 kW heater with central circulation fan. Additional features are:

  • Six/eight ports (one occupied by load lock) with CF63 (4½") or CF150 (8") flanges
  • high pumping speed at low pressure by titanium sublimation/ion getter combination pump
  • low 10−10 mbar scale base pressure
  • precise central heavy duty manipulator/transfer mechanism capable of handling loads with 6" diameter and 1 kg weight, three degrees of freedom (extension, rotation, height)
  • transfer system can transfer substrates/samples and also PLD target cassettes for a Laser MBE chamber
  • optional internal storage system for samples and target carousels
  • camera system with overhead display for convenient monitoring of transfers

The transfer system can be modified to adapt to the requirements of your individual additional analysis or processing systems.

The Load Lock

The load lock chamber provides loading capabilities for substrates and PLD targets. It is pumped by a standard turbomolecular pump. Up to five samples and two target carousels can be loaded at the same time.

Additional chambers
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Add-on Chambers

SURFACE will provide additional deposition and analysis chambers according to your requirements, or integrate other UHV tools into the transfer system of the Laser Star cluster tool. Possible modules are:

  • The Laser MBE chamber
  • Chambers for sputtering, e-beam evaporation, multiple evaporators/effusion cells
  • Analysis and characterization chambers, like XPS/ESCA, UHV-AFM/STM,…
  • Additional Laser MBE chambers to create a multi chamber PLD system for small production applications
  • Transfer modules to other systems
  • Linear transfer tunnels

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