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SURFACE nanometrology News Ticker:
New: Market launch of our sm@rt 500 nanoindenter system. Small in design - big in performance.
SURFACE nanometrology News Ticker:
New: Micro controller controlled Humidity Controller for material science investigations
New: 200 mm automated vacuum chuck for the G200 nanoindenter allows measurement of the entire wafer surface under constant measurement conditions (frame stiffness)
SURFACE PLD Technology News Ticker:
New: Battery Workstation delivered to Cambridge University , GB. It combines three different physical coating processes with a glove box: PLD, sputtering, thermal evaporation and all on a single standard workstation system frame
New: Insitu- Beamline PLD System installed at Karlsruhe KIT allows unique thin film investigations in the synchrotron beam

PLD Systems for Large Substrates

5 inch Glass Substrates
Coated 5" glass substrates with homogeneous films

PLD for Large Area Films?

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a versatile process for thin film deposition with the major advantage of stoichiometric material transfer from a target to the substrate. But typically, it is suitable only for smaller substrates (≤ 2"), because the PLD plasma plume diameter is limited by the spot size of the laser beam. The laser spot size cannot easily be enlarged, because a high enough fluence has to be maintained to enable stoichiometric material transfer. The homogeneity of films can be influenced somewhat by the background/process gas pressure in the PLD chamber, but for homogeneous films on large substrates, this is not enough.

To overcome this limitation, SURFACE can provide a programmable laser scanning unit. In this way, the laser spot can be moved over the PLD target, thus also moving the plasma plume and the center of material deposition on the substrate. By optimization of the scanning sequence a homogeneous film deposition can be reached also on large substrates.

Customer-Specific Design

Because of the variety of possible substrate sizes and deposition materials involved, SURFACE designs these systems according to the requirements of the customer's application. But they always come with the SURFACE standard features, like

  • enclosed beam line
  • safe and easy to use
  • powerful automation with PlumeMaster
  • customer support via SURFWARE, our powerful online support tool

Product Photos/Examples

  • DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Risø: 5" PLD system
  • MPI Halle: 3" PLD system
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