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R-DEC Co.,Ltd.
R-DEC (Japan) Products
Distributed in Europe Exclusively by SURFACE


Key Features

  • Reduced beam current and sample damage
  • Ideal for organic thin film research
  • MCP (micro channel plate) screen
  • 90 μm (max.) beam diameter
  • Remote control for HV, filament, focus/deflection lens
  • 0…30 keV electron energy

Low Emission RHEED – Reduced Damage to Sensitive Films

Power supply
Power supply

RHEED (reflective high energy electron diffraction) is a powerful tool to monitor the deposition of thin films. But its application is limited to film materials that are not sensitive to the energy transferred into the film material by the incident electron beam. To overcome this limitation, R-DEC has developed the PICO-RHEED system. It consists of a “low emission” type RHEED electron gun and a micro channel plate (MCP) screen assembly.

MCP screen
MCP screen

The MCP electron multiplier is installed in front of the RHEED phosphor screen. This allows to reduce the electron beam current necessary for a clear and bright diffraction pattern significantly. A lower beam current leads to less electron beam induced damage of the sample. This makes the PICO-RHEED system attractive for in-situ monitoring of organic thin film growth, but also for sensitive inorganic films (e.g. in oxide MBE the effect of the RHEED electron beam on the oxidation of the deposited film can be seen in some materials).


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The PICO-RHEED system  – distributed in Europe exclusively by SURFACE – is as easy to use as a conventional RHEED system. The necessary power supply for the electron multiplier/MCP screen is integrated into the RHEED power supply/control unit. On the analysis side, it is compatible with standard components, like the popular k-Space kSA400 system.

  • Less damage to the sample (1/500 to 1/2800)*
  • MCP (Micro Channel Plate) screen with shutter
  • Optional port for differential pumping
  • Controller with power supply for RHEED and MCP
  • Remote control box for convenient adjustment of the diffraction image
  • Compatible with kSA400 RHEED analysis system

(*Data acquired at AVC Co., Ltd.)


PICO-RHEED Electron Gun

Model number:RDA-100G
Beam spot size:90 μm diameter max.
Filament:Ø0.1 mm hairpin-shaped
Wehnelt:Variable bias
Focus lens:Air core solenoid coil lens
Deflection lens:Toroidal coil lens
Axial alignment mechanism:Alignment for filament and Wehnelt
Insulation voltage:30 kV DC
Allowable leakage:<1.33·10−11 Pa·m3/s
Bakeout temperature:max. 200°C
Mounting flange:ICF70 (CF DN35 / 2¾")
Dimensions:100 mm Ø × 401 mm long (501 mm long with connector)


Model number:RDA-100M
Viewport size:ICF152 (CF DN100 / 6")
Micro channel plate:77 mm Ø viewable area
Input terminal:MHV×3
Mounting flange:ICF152 (CF DN100 / 6") or ICF203 (CF DN150 / 8")
Other:built-in shutter on mounting flange

PICO-RHEED Power Supply

Model number:RDA-100P
Acceleration voltage:0…−30 kV constant voltage supply, ripple 0.03% max.
Filament voltage:0…2 V constant voltage supply, ripple 0.05% max.
Deflection lens supply:0…1 A constant current supply (±1 V), ripple 0.05% max.
Focus lens supply:0…1.5 A constant current supply (0…22 V), ripple 0.05% max.
Wehnelt bias voltage:0…−470 V 6 mA variable
MCP CH 1 supply:0…+4 kV 1 mA DC (digital display)
MCP CH 2 supply:0…+1 kV 1 mA DC (digital display)
Output cables:5 m each
Input voltage:200…240 V AC
Dimensions (W×H×D):480×199×500 mm3 (depth +100 mm with cable connected), 19" rack mount

For more information, visit the R-DEC Co., Ltd. (Japan) product page.

Product Drawings and Additional Photos

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