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New: Market launch of our sm@rt 500 nanoindenter system. Small in design - big in performance.
SURFACE nanometrology News Ticker:
New: Micro controller controlled Humidity Controller for material science investigations
New: 200 mm automated vacuum chuck for the G200 nanoindenter allows measurement of the entire wafer surface under constant measurement conditions (frame stiffness)
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New: Battery Workstation delivered to Cambridge University , GB. It combines three different physical coating processes with a glove box: PLD, sputtering, thermal evaporation and all on a single standard workstation system frame
New: Insitu- Beamline PLD System installed at Karlsruhe KIT allows unique thin film investigations in the synchrotron beam

PLD Target Manipulators

Target manipulator
Target manipulator
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Key Features

  • Targets placed on a carousel-like positioning mechanism
  • Motorized target selection, with automatic position homing
  • Continuous, variable speed target rotation up to 50 rpm
  • In connection with our PlumeMaster software: various options for even target wear, like target tracking to equalize the number of laser shots per target area
  • Target carousel allows movement of laser spot across the center of the rotating target disc. This flips the incidence angle of the laser beam relative to the target material, reliably avoiding cone formation!
  • Cross-contamination shielding between targets: shielding plates between the targets and a heat shield/cover on top of the target carousel encapsulate the targets currently not in use.
  • Heat shielding protecting the targets from heat radiation from substrate and contamination
  • Heat shielding/top cover can be removed without tools, facilitating target loading/exchange
  • Beam-through position that lets the laser beam pass by the targets, for easy laser fluence/pulse energy metering
  • Adjustable adaptor rings for small and/or irregular shaped targets


PLD target manipulators and target holders are one of the key features of all SURFACE PLD systems. For basic PLD systems without load-lock, a standard target manipulator holding four targets with up to 2" diameter and 6 mm thickness is available. For UHV Laser MBE systems, SURFACE offers a target manipulator with a transferable target carousel, holding up to five 1" diameter targets, so it is not necessary to vent the deposition chamber to exchange or inspect targets.

Additional Features of the Transferable Carousel Manipulator

Target carousel transfer
Target carousel transfer
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  • Holds a target carousel that can be transfered
  • z-Movement for transfer
  • Self-aligning design: After carousel transfer, no alignment is necessary. By driving the substrate position drive, the carousel automatically locks into a defined position. This avoids target material mixups caused by forgotten position alignment.
  • Only the target in use rotates, reducing moving components and wear

Advanced Control

In connection with our PlumeMaster software, various options for even target wear are available:

  • Toggling: The target is rotating and the target carousel moves back and forth in a continuous motion so that the laser beam hits the target at any radius from the target center. This mode is easy to set up, only the target diameter needs to be known.
  • Scanning: The target carousel is moved so that the laser beam “writes” defined tracks on the target. Target rotation speed and track spacing are adjusted to match the laser spot size and repetition rate. This achieves a very even wear of the target surface. If for any reason the target does not wear evenly, or if the target should be used more at certain radii intentionally, the process can be further adjusted by a correction table that controls the ablation time on each track.

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