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1st European Symposium on nanomechanical testing


Preliminary Program


in the "Gründer und Service Zentrum Hückelhoven" in Hückelhoven / Germany


organized in collaboration with



07.11.2000 to 09.11.2000

Program Committee:
Prof. Dr. Peter Grau / Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Dr. Mathias Göken / Universität des Saarlandes
Dr. Ude Hangen / SURFACE


Tuesday, 7.Nov. 2000

  • Arrival
  • Come together in the GSZH-Hückelhoven

Wednesday, 8.Nov. 2000

Fundamentals of nanoIndentation ---------- Chair: Dr. Bull

  • Comparison of the Meyer`s power law and physically founded relations to analyse the load dependence of the hardness by nanoindentation experiments
    Enders / Berg / Grau : Universität Halle / Germany
  • Comparison of methods for the determination of an indenter area function
    Chudoba / Herrmann : Universität Chemnitz / Germany
  • The P - h2 relationship in indentation
    den Toonder / Malzbender : Philips / Eindhoven / Holland

Application of nanoIndentation I ---------- Chair: Prof. Dr. Grau

  • Extracting hardness from load-displacement curves
    Bull : University of Newcastle / UK
  • The Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on the Hardness of Al and Al-based Metallic Foams as Measured by Nanoindentation
    Kraft / Vogt / Schwaiger : MPI Metallforschung Stuttgart / Germany
  • Nanoindenter as a penetration viscosimeter
    Meinhard / Grau : Universität Halle / Germany

Application of nanoIndentation II ---------- Chair: Dr. Kraft

  • Aspects and prospects of instrumented depth sensing nanoindentation
    Wolf, Belger, Paufler : Universität Dresden / Germany
  • Micro- and Nanohardness Testing of Single-Crystalline GaAs
    Schaper, Chudoba, Hammer, Jurisch, Wolf, Bergner: Universität Dresden / Germany
  • Hardness depth profiling on nm-scale
    Kunert/Baretzky : MPI Metallforschung Stuttgart / Germany
  • Nano-hardness measurements as an optimisation tool in the industrial process
    Richarz/ Müller : FRT / Bergisch -Gladbach / Germany

nanoIndentation on Polymers and BiomateriaIs ---------- Chair: Prof. Dr. Schaper

  • Dynamic Stiffness Measurement for Characterisation of Visco-elastic Materials
    Downs, Warren, Daugela : Hysitron, Inc. Minneapolis / USA
  • Local Mechanical Properties of Dentin measured by Nanoindentation and its Correlation to Structural Parameters
    Tesch, Eidelman, Goldenberg, Roschger,Klaushofer, Fratzl : Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Leoben, Austria
  • Mechanical properties of in situ Demineralised Tooth Enamel studied with AFM Nanoindentation
    Finke, Jandt, Hughes, Parker : University of Bristol / UK

Thursday, 9.Nov. 2000

Friction and Wear under single asperity contacts ---------- Chair: Dr. Göken

  • nano-Tribology tested with the AFM
    Hölscher / Schwarz : Universität Hamburg / Germany
  • nanomechanical and nanotribological behavior of thin DLC coatings on different substrates
    Staedler / Schiffmann : FHG-IST Braunschweig / Germany
  • Scratch testing on Mohs minerals
    Hangen : SURFACE / Hückelhoven / Germany

Acoustic characterisation of materials ---------- Chair: Dr. Hangen

  • Laser-acoustics, a method for testing coatings and material surfaces
    Schneider / Schultrich : FHG-IWS Dresden / Germany
  • Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Nanoindentation and Nanoscratch / wear
    Daugela : Hysitron, Inc. Minneapolis / USA

Application of nanoIndentation III ---------- Chair: Dr. Jandt

  • Nanohardness Measurements for Industrial Process Development
    Michler/Dommann : Neu-Technikum Buchs / Switzerland
  • Deformation Curves of Ta-silicide thin films obtained in interrupted nano-Indentation experiments
    Dub, Makogon, Pavlova, Sidorenko : Institute for superhard materials / Kiev / Ukraine
  • Pop-ins in nanoindentations - the intial yield point
    Göken : Universität des Saarlandes / Saarbrücken / Germany

Quantitative AFM Analysis of materials

  • Application of AFM in Ferrous Metallography
    Ros Yanez / Houbaert : Universiteit Gent / Belgium
  • Tip Convolution
    Vinzelberg : Veeco / Mannheim / Germany
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