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Humidity Control Stage

Humidity control stage
Humidity control stage
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  • Analysis of biological or moisture-absorbing samples
  • Temperature stability ±0.01°C
  • Compatible to standard sample tray of the Agilent G200/XP
  • Mini enclosure for purge with humidified gas
  • Humidity sensor close to sample for precise control

Humidity Control for Nanoindentation

For some special applications, it is desireable to perform nanoindentation measurements at controlled humidity levels. SURFACE offers a modified heating/cooling stage to accomplish this.

The SURFACE Humidity Control Stage includes a built-in humidity sensor that allows control of the relative humidity inside the miniature environmental enclosure formed by the heating/cooling stage. Together with a commercially availabe humidification apparatus/humidity controller, this allows precise control of the relative humidity at the sample in the range from 5% to 90% relative humidity (depending on the carrier gas and type of humidifier).

The Humidity Control Stage is compatible with the Agilent G200/XP nanoindenter series. Please contact us for more information and other brands/models.


  • Analysis of moisture-absorbing samples
  • Biological samples

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